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January 31
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Sylenth1 - LT Skin [UPDATED] by Pureav Sylenth1 - LT Skin [UPDATED] by Pureav
I'm pleased to present a new (and usable!) Sylenth 1 skin. I've taken some time to make the process of installing as simple as possible by compiling a single .res file which contains the PNG folder images from within Sylenth1.dll (no need to replace every image one at a time :)). If you don't already know what to do with a .res file, please read below. Instructions are also contained in the downloadable .zip.

Note: This file, as long as downloaded from directly, will not affect the functionallity of Sylenth 1. You are simply replacing .png images, no code is altered. Versions prior to are not supported.

UPDATE 1.02 Fixed a label mistake where "FILT A" was displaying "FILT B". You'll only have to replace bmp10001.png, not the entire thing.

UPDATE 1.01: I've now included a .res for newer versions of Sylenth that have 72 images and not 73. When following the instructions, please check how many you have. If you happen to have more than 73 (possibly 76), please use the 72 option. Some feedback has suggested that new builds may have a mysterious extra 4 files which although labeled as PNGs, are not actually images. You can leave them where they are.

Individual PNGs are now also included for manual replacement.

Prior to installing:


1 - Download attached and extract files
2 - Download and install Resource Hacker (simply a free tool that allows you to open .dll files, used by the world over.)
2.1 - It's been reported that Resource Hacker has issues with 64bit versions of Sylenth. Other legit and stable alternatives include Explorer Suite ( and PE Explorer…
3 - Backup Sylenth1.dll (in your VST directory)

Installation instructions:

1 - Open Resource Hacker
2 - File > Open > Sylenth1.dll
3 - When loaded, go to Action > Update all Resources
4 - Browse for either PNG_73.res or PNG_72.res
5 - Click Open. A dialog will confirm "73/72 resource items updated"
6 - File > Save > Sylenth1.dll (replace existing file in your VST directory)


Use the provided individual images and replace manually. I don't own a Mac, but I believe they can view/edit VST files without any 3rd party software.

Feel free to repost on other sites, but please link to this page and do not share the file itself. Cheers!

- Lance
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xefhs Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I've been using it for 2 months, wonderful and elegant !
The only flaw is that's hard to distinguish part A from part B

Anyway, still the best skin for sylenth, hands down. Thank you
StormDraggy Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
This works amazingly. I love the pattern. Makes my FL skin go with it.
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jacobsapple Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Professional Artist
Pureav, Sorry for the questions, I think I have  it figured out Here is a link if you or anybody else would like to have another interesting skin for this amazing synth!

The top link is the preview

The bottom is the two files (PNG folder and PNG_72.res file) zipped…
jacobsapple Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Professional Artist
Pureav, Stellar upload! Works like a charm:)

I have question for you though. I have a few skins that would be maybe worth creating a few res file for each one. What is the correct command to save the .res files and do I have to create the two files PNG_73.res and PNG_72.res? 
Also I cant get the program to multi select all the .png files at once??? I can get all the png file to expand in the view menu but there are folders allocated to each png file which is deny access to the (select all) function in the edit menu???
Anyways here is a link to some of the Sylenth schemes I am refering to.…

Pureav Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Hey man. Thanks!

No probs on the questions.

So first, the reason for 72 and 73 versions is because newer updates of Sylenth have 72 images instead of 73 (two images were merged into one). So to be compatible for as many users as possible, I included both.

To create .res files, I actually used an app called GoRC. You can google it. It's a free tool and does the trick. The website has a lot of instructions to guide you through the process. The only issue I had was that it creates the .res file in the language of my PC local time (UK English) but Sylenth requires US English for the resources. If you're in the US, you don't have to worry. If not, a quick google search on .res language codes will give some answers.

Hope that helps. I had to learn as I went as well, but all the answers are out there. Good luck and happy skinning! =]
sinator-designer Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Amazing bro :o (Eek) 
Reakbyz Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  New member
God, thank you, your skin is so awesome, Sylenth used to look ugly but now can use it without catching any headache <3
Pureav Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
Thanks a lot man. =]
owenlt Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014
Gorgeous work, and a real labour of love.

Have successfully updated my fully-licensed 64-bit PC version of - so it can be done!

To do this in Restorator 2007:

1. Make a back-up copy of the the Sylenth.dll.
2. Open the Sylenth.dll in Restorator.
3. Open the PNG folder in the left-hand explorer pane of Restorator, and see what the last number is.
4. From the skin download, change the name of either PNG_72.res or PNG_73.res (depending on what the number in 3. above was) to simply PNG.res
5. With windows explorer open side-by-side with Restorator, drag the renamed 'PNG.res' into the left-hand explorer pane of Restorator.
6.  Save and exit.

Note that Restorator creates additional back-up .dlls each time you do an amendment.  You'll need to do manual housekeeping on these, as it doesn't remove them when you close.

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